Foresight is a LGPLed wrapper library bringing together the Intel IPL, Intel OpenCV, ImageMagick, and the Matrox MIL. The idea it to provide a unified interface to acquiring images from any source (from file via ImageMagick, or from Matrox framegrabbers via MIL, this is easily extendable), and to help simplify some very common tasks done in real world vision programming. The library also provides Blob Analysis/connected components code.

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1) mkdir \Foresight\
2) unzip Foresight-?.?.?.zip
3) Read README.TXT and doc\Foresight Documentation.txt


11/13/2000: I have added an example program that demonstrates the following:
You can download the example here:

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The future

The library is still rough around the edges but it is getting better. My ultimate goal is to make Foresight a standard image processing library wrapper that will take advantage of whatever 'base' library you have, whether it is the Intel IPL/OpenCV, Matrox MIL, Halcon, or libraries provided by Coreco, etc. This way, you could write one application that would run on everything from USB cameras to DSP based vision processors, and know that Foresight is always using the best library available.

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